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PrecisionMarble-oldbathroom-sinkPrecisionMarble-oldbathroom"This is the original bathroom. Certainly not BAD, just very white with gold fixtures.

I wanted the vanity cabinet to more closely resemble the walnut furniture in the bedroom, and I wanted to get away from the antiseptic look. I'd say we accomplished those goals. 



The new shower door is frameless and made of clear glass.  Yes, it is in place. We especially like the "rug" pattern in the floor; maybe because we had a hand in designing it with the tile setters. The feature strip around the shower and over the tub is glass tiles. 

The same glass tiles outline the center rug design. Here, on the right, you see the rectangular sinks we chose, as well as the "granite" on the counter top and the single-handle faucets.

The project took more time than we imagined, but that is very often the case when you remodel - or build for that matter. 

We love the finished room.  It has a warm feeling and there is no more gold!"